Spring Smallmouth Bass Fishing

I typically start guiding at the end of May but it can be very unpredictable with run off, rain,snow and high water. I still fish and often find great bass fishing early on. A few years ago I had a guy call from Utah in mid April. He wanted to go bass fishing on the Penobscot and I tried to talk him out of it because the water was high. He talked me into it and and I’m glad he did. It became one of the most memorable trip I’ve ever had.

I don’t usually fish when guiding but to help him find fish, we both were throwing flies. I was fishing a fast sink line and he was throwing an intermediate line. I had a fly that would stay up off the bottom and he had a clouser. I would let my fly go to bottom, striper in super slow and if I felt tension,I would set the hook. He would fish his a little faster. After I caught two smallmouth I switched rods with him. He continued to catch 20 smallmouth. They ranged from 16″ to 19″. In sticking with the whole, saving the best for last modo, his last fish was a pig, 22″!

I learned a couple things that day, find breaks in the current and deep drops. The fish were holding out of the fast flowing water and stacked up together. I assume there was a lot of food holding in these spots as well and bass will ambush any food floating by.

2020 fish

2020 fish

Get out there and try some new situations! Good luck

Kevin McKay