Christmas Ideas for 2019

2019 brought a change to my fly gear lineup.  I was asked to become a Galvan Reel pro staffer and decided to make the switch.  I spent the year fishing the new reels and have to say, I was impressed.  I can truly say I enjoyed working them. Whether it was for Maine brookies or New York steel, the reels were fantastic.  The drag can stop them all .  They are made in the USA and are quite affordable.  Kevin

you need to check out . 

I had the pleasure of talking to Scott with Vedavoo this year at the Edison, NJ show. I was in search of a waterproof sling pack. I had an existing sling that I loved but because I am so short, often times when wading in higher water, my pack sits in the water and everything in it gets soaked. I went to NJ searching for a waterproof replacement.  After talking with Scott we came up with a custom sling that not only fit me proportionately but was waterproof as well.  A few quick measurements and noted adjustments, my pack was designed. I put my sling to the ultimate test in NY while steelhead fishing. Wading in super high water for several days and things held up beautifully! Go custom people, it’s so worth it.  Stac

The Cohen PUNK ROCKER!  This has to be my absolute favorite Christmas list item!! Every year we try to purchase a new fishy art piece for The Riverhouse. One of my favorite fly artists is Pat Cohen. We had the pleasure of meeting him several years ago at a fly fishing show.  We were able to chat with him for awhile and walked away thinking he had the coolest story.  His talent for designing fly art was obvious and I knew I need one of his flies.  That was the start of my “Collection”. Each year during show season I purchase a new and different Cohen creation. They’ve never touched water and are not allowed to be fished. My Cohen Collection is on full view for all our clients, friends and family to enjoy.  This was my splurge piece that I couldn’t live without. I’m sure you will agree it’s absolutely amazing. Who knew deer hair could look like this.  Please do yourself a favor and check out his artwork. You won’t be sorry. Stac

A fishing trip would make a great gift!

Maine has some of the best fishing in the country and some of the most beautiful schenery you could hope for.  Most Maine Guides offer gift certificates . Every year I get calls from spouses, partners and parents looking for a gift for their loved ones. A fishing trip or fly fishing lesson is a perfect gift. Give them the full Maine fishing adventure. offers trips with some great guides all over the state! Kevin

Print is not dead! The fly fishing industry has some great fishing magazines. A subscription to one or a few magazines will help get you or your fisherman through the winter months. They will leave you dreaming of warmer weather and wetting lines. Here are a few of my favorites: The Flyfish Journal and  Drake Magazine and Tail Fly Fishing Magazine


If you don’t know who Jeff Currier is, one may think you live under a rock. But seriously,  if you truly don’t, you need to look him up. He’s caught more fish species on a fly rod than anyone else. He travels all over the world chasing new species. He’s a sought after public speaker, a fly fishing educator, a writer and a very talented artist. We’ve collected several different fish mugs over the years and look forward to seeing what he has created next. Check out his website to see what he’s been up to and catch one of his fish mugs for your morning coffee! Jeff Currier coffee mugs,They make great gifts for everyone! Kevin & Stac


2019 brought a lot of firsts for me. I caught my first striper, my first northern pike and my first Maine Musky. All were fun and satisfy but nothing will top the feeling of landing my musky.  It was by far the most challenging species of fish to date. I have to admit I’ve been spoiled over the years when it comes to fly rods. All I fish are Scott rods.  My musky was no exception. Scott’s pike and musky rod is the best. I fished 8 solid days for musky and this rod was the perfect fit. I could feel the cast, feel the rod load the line. This made throwing the heavy weighted line with giant flies feel like it was flying out of the rod with little effort. I will admit to trying a different rod for a few casts and almost immediately switched back to the pike and musky rod.  Thank you Scott Fly Rods for making such a great rod! Stac 

We can’t forget our fur baby Cada. She always fishes with us no matter the weather. Rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, you name it, she’s there for it.  Here’s the thing, we can never seem to remember to buy her her own jacket. With that said, this is our back up for her! Every fishing dog deserves the very best, right? Patagonia for our fur baby Cada.  She fully recommends you chose Patagonia, she does! Cada