Must know Knots

I have noticed  over the years that people can cast and catch fish fairly easily but it’s all the little things that can be overwhelming. I think if this sport is to grow, people need to realize that its just as simple as spin fishing. Maybe even easier, well maybe not but it isn’t hard if you have the basics.

This blog I will be focusing on knots. I bet you already know the one I use 90% of the time, the improver clinch knot. So when do I use this knot? I use it to tie flies to my leader and to tie a dropper off my lead fly. See simple, same knot you were taught to tie by your parents as young child.


The second knot is the easiest knot to tie.  The Surgeon loop Knot. You use this knot if there is no pre-tied loop in the end of your leader. You will see most good fly lines come with a welded loop on the end, you will need a loop on the end of your leader to attach it. A simple over hand knot done twice. Practice it a few times and you are good to go.



The third and possibly most important knot is also the hardest to get the hang of.  The Blood knothas haunted many but follow this video and practice. The blood knotis used to attach tippet to your leader after you have changed your fly several times and need to lengthen your leader. I spent an entire winter practicing this knot because I struggled with it but now it comes second nature to me.  Like with anything, the more you practice the better you will get!


Well I hope these videos help. I know they did for me. Let me know how you are doing!