It Only Takes a Second

We all have seen the pictures on the internet of people with hooks in all parts of their body. In 20 years, I have only had a few clients hook themselves to a point I had to remove it for them. I’ve been lucky and never had to go to the hospital. This year I have had two people hook themselves in the face and one last year as well. The face is the scariest place to get a hook because of the eyes.

Last year I had a father and daughter out fly fishing for smallmouth. The daughter was int he back of the boat fishing and the dad in the front fishing. He was trying to get under an over hanging branch and he missed the cast so quickly recast only to find no fly on the forward cast. Thinking he lost it in the tree, I turn to get a new fly and see the daughter holding her face very calmly. When she took her hand away his fly was in her lip. After a short discussion she let me pull it out and we continued to fish. Luckly She was wearing sunglasses and it was her lip and not her eye.

Just this past weekend I had a father and son out for their annual fly fishing trip with me. It was day three of their adventure and first thing in the morning. We were fishing for smallmouth with poppers. The son was in the front of the boat and dad in the rear. The son was trying a little harder to get a longer cast, keep in mind he has only fly fished a few times. On his forward casted his dads yells” Stop! Dont pull!” It was just below his eye in his cheek. Again very lucky and he was wearing his sunglasses.

This last example was very scary. Two reasons I always wear my sunglass, I can see fish like no one else and it protects my eyes from lures and flies flying around! I wear Maui Jim glasses with their HT lens, it is a yellowish lens and I can wear them in low light or full sunshine.

When we started the day there was some light, so we all had sunglasses on but as the day wore on it clouded in and my client decided to take his glasses off. Minutes later while making a cast and a gust of wind hit his line and it wrapped around his head. It looked like the fly was in his cheek. He quickly pulled it out and said ” that wasn’t in my eye, was it?” I looked and could see blood coming out of the corner of his eye. We evaluated he eye and he decided it was ok. He was extremely lucky!

I tell you these stories hoping it will make you stop and think and keep those glasses on no matter what the sun is doing. Protect those eyes, not only from the sun but from all those hooks flying around!

Get Out there!

Kevin McKay and Stacy Chiasson