Mid Summer Adventure

I was coming off a seven week guiding binge when I got a text from my next client saying her husband had been in accident and wouldn’t able to make it up here fishing. Most would take the weekend off to relax but not us. We decide to take a mid-summer adventure! We pack the dog, the tent and of course the fly rods and head north to fish the West Branch of the Penobscot for a quick trout and salmon outing. We caught a bunch of beautiful fish. Many in the 16 inch range. All on dry flies.  We cooked dinner over the campfire and retired to the dry tent once the rain came. It was a well earned rest after a long, hot, fun day of fishing.  We woke up the next morning, quickly packed the truck and started toward home. Our plan was to grab the jet boat and explore new water for bass. We stealthy maneuvered our way to new water where we found lots of bass . We caught 50 fish all on top water flies in only 4 hours with many doubles. We didn’t get any monsters but had a blast watching bass aggressively smashing our flies! 

To sum it up, we are exhausted but seriously, Maine has a incredible fishery and we only scratched the surface to what it has to offer. Get out and enjoy our wonderful state!