One of the Best Places to Fish in the Country

If you haven’t noticed, I think Maine is one of the best places in the US to fish. We have  a very large selection of fish species and a huge variety of places and environments to fish. In one day you can be fishing for stripers in York, a warm water pond for large mouth in Augusta and hit a small brook on the way home for small wild brook trout. Fishing the small brooks for small brook trout is one of my favorite and Maine has endless water to explore.

I try every year to take the boys rock hoping for wild brook trout, the ones that fit in the palm of your hand. Where the 6″ ones are the big ones. I love it when one of the boys yells, “ it’s a good one”. I know right away it is only around six inches and I love that they know the difference and that they can appreciate where and what they are fishing for.

I have recently just discovered this new app from , this is a very cool app. You can locate different rivers and streams throughout the US. You can set way points, there are stream gauges and there is even a place you can keep notes and a fishing journal. This is a great app to use here in Maine. So I had to break it in.

Topo West Branch Penobscot - Wide

This past summer I got my oldest up early and we headed north. We drove two hours just to spend a few hours jumping from pool to pool to catch and release small wild brook trout with colors that would make any painter jealous. Sometimes the water is only a few inches deep and we could see the small rocks on the bottom. As my flies float down the run, I am often shocked when a trout comes straight up from the bottom. It is amazing how they can blend in with the bottom of the stream.

There  has been a big movement over the last few years to fish with fiberglass rods. There have been new companies popping up around the country, so the selection is endless. I prefer my Scott 6’6” 2 weight F2 and my boys fish with Echo 6’9″ 3 weight glass rod. This takes the small trout fishing to a different level.





After getting our fix of small trout we went exploring. We drove north where we crossed a stream, so  I turned around and we stood on the bridge looking down at the water. When fish started darting out from under it, Tait got excited and went back for the rod. We had no idea what kind of fish they were. We knew only there were fish. Could be chubs for all we knew but we didn’t care. After he took some frustrating casts, I gave it a try. We watched as a small fish, in slow motion, rise to the surface and take my fly. I was on the bridge so Tait netted my fish and yelled back in excitement that it was a brook trout ! We tried several more times only to have them refuse our flies.

We had a great day catching fish, talking and exploring. I absolutely love my days spent fishing with my boys. I often stop and watch them fish.These are the days I will never forget.They truly amaze me!

Here are some photos from our day. Enjoy!