Stoneflies and Turtleheads: A Maine Flyfisher’s Misadventures

It’s funny how has introduced me to new people. I never know when I will run into someone who knows about the site. I will be in different states fishing and get talking to someone and ask them if they know about the site and more than half the time they say they are on it every day. Throughout the years I have given away hundreds of decals and often see them on cars driving down the road or at rivers which always puts a smile on my face. Well, this summer I was coming off the water from guiding and a guy was pulling out his boat and on the back of his jeep he had one of my decals. So, of course we got talking and I found out he is an author and has written a new book called Stoneflies and Turtleheads A Maine Flyfisher’s Misadventures.

About a week later I get an email from the publishing company wanting to send me the book, so I could read it. Of course I didn’t say no. I am glad they did. The book is by Dee Dauphinee. This guy has been on some adventures and he has always taken a fly rod along on the ride. This book isn’t about fly fishing but more about places he has gone in his life and he has made a point to try and fish in these exotic places around the world. He takes you from small town Maine to places around the world. I think most fisherman can relate to this. I know if I am traveling to a wedding or a vacation not fishing related, I try to find a day to fish no matter where I am heading.

This book was a great read. I found myself looking forward to his next adventure. I think this should be on your winter reading list and will make a great gift for that angler in your family. You can get the book at–turtleheads.html